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Do you need an ID printer that will produce high quality badges and cards at a competitive price? Then Carreras Technologies is the company to call. We sell all brands, including names you have come to know and trust to include DataCard, Fargo and Zebra/Eltron.

C-Tech will help you select the right ID printer for your company needs and requirements - selecting from a single-sided or dual-sided ID printer, or an ID printer with a magnetic stripe or proximity card encoder, or adding a lamination station for added security.

Fargo Family ID Printers
Fargo Family ID Printers



SP75+, Dual-Sided, Color, Standard

SP75+, Dual-Sided, Color with 2nd Laminator

SP75+, Dual-Sided, Color with IAT Mag Encoder

SP75+, Dual-Sided, Color with Prox Reader

SP55+, Single-Sided, Monochrome

SP55+, Single-Sided, Color, Standard

SP55+, Single-Sided, Color with IAT Mag Encoder

SP55+, Dual-Sided, Color with Prox Reader

SP35+, Single-Sided, Monochrome

SP35+, Single-Sided, Color, Standard

SP35+, Dual-Sided, Color with IAT Mag Encoder

SD260, Single-Sided, Color, Standard

SD360, Dual-Sided, Color