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Ribbon, Overlaminates and Supplies*

Are you looking for the ID ribbon or overlaminate for your DataCard, Fargo, Zebra/Eltron, NISCA or Magicard printer? Then call Carreras Technologies for some of the best prices on the web.

C-Tech will help you select the right ID ribbon or overlaminate for your specific printer - selecting from a single-sided or dual-sided ribbon, or a standard or holographic overlaminate.

For competitive pricing and expert support on
ID card printer ribbons, just give us a call and
we'll help you find the right ribbon for your printer.

*Note: C-Tech only sells genuine ribbons, cleaning kits, and replacement parts.


ID Printer Ribbons and Overlaminates

DataCard Select
Color Ribbons

Fargo Overlaminates
Magicard Color Ribbons

DataCard DuraGard Laminates

Fargo DTC1000
Color Ribbons
Zebra Overlaminates
DataCard SD and SP Series
Color Ribbons
Printer Ribbons
NISCA Overlaminates
Zebra Color Ribbons and Overlaminates
ID Printer Cleaning Kits
Fargo Cleaning Kit
Zebra Cleaning Kit



SP75 & SP75 + Color Ribbon Kits

534000-002 replaces 552854-204, YMCKT

534000-008 replaces 552854-502, YMCK

534000-006 replaces 552854-506, YMCKT-KT

534000-005 replaces 552854-509, KT

534000-009 replaces 552854-510, YMCK-K

SP75 and SP75 + DuraGard Clear Laminate

503849-401, 0.5 mil replaces 562750-401

503852-501, 0.1 mil replaces 562753-401

503856-101, 0.6 mil replaces 562757-001, ’Genuine Security’ Hologram

SD260, SD360, SP35 and SP55 Color Ribbon Kits

534000-003, YMCKT

534000-006, YMCKT-KT

534000-005, KT

Select and Magna Color Ribbons

549081-204, YMCKT

549081-206, YMCKT-KT

806124-109, KT

ImageCard IV Color Ribbons

806124-404, YMCKT

806124-106, YMCKT-KT

Select, Magna and ImageCard IV DuraGard Clear Laminate

557171-001, 0.5 mil

553277-001, 1.0 mil

ImageCard Select and Express Color Ribbons

806124-102, YMCK

806124-104, YMCKT


DTC1250e Color Ribbons

45000, YMCKO

45010, YMCKOK

DTC4250e and DTC4500 Color Ribbons

45100, YMCKO

45110, YMCKOK

45200, YMCKO

45210, YMCKOK

HDP600 Color Ribbons and Film

84011, YMCK

84013, YMCKK

84033, HDP Film

Other Color Ribbons and PolyGuard

81733, YMCKO

81740, YMCKO

86031, YMCKO

86032, YMCKOK

81789, 1.0 mil Overlaminate

82224, 1.0 mil ‘Secure’ Globe Hologram

82258, Standard HoloMark Seal


CSeries Color Ribbons & Laminates

800015-140, YMCKO

800015-148, YMCKOK

800015-180, YMCKK

800015-014, Laminate

800015-120, Holographic Laminate

ISeries Color Ribbons & Laminates

800015-440, YMCKO

800015-448, YMCKOK

800015-540, YMCKO

800014-945, YMCK

800015-914, 1.0 mil Laminate


Color Ribbons & Laminates



Nisca Clear250, Laminate


Color Ribbons & Laminates

M9006-566, YMCKO

M9005-751, YMCKO

M9005-758, YMCKOK

M9003-188, YMCKO

M9007-230, 1.0 mil Laminate