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ID Supplies & Accessories

Carreras Technologies is a leading provider of ID supplies and accessories to include badge holders, lanyards, ID clips, retractable badge reels, and slot punches.  To see our full product line and descriptions, please check out our online catalog by clicking on the button to the right.

Lanyards, Badge Reels, Card Dispensers, and more.... secure your identity with our attachment solutions.

We carry a wide selection of in-stock badge accessories to solve all your identification challenges.  You will be pleased with our top-quality products, prices and value.  And that's not all.... several items can be custom-printed with your company name and logo.

Call us today and let us attach quality to your badge!

See Below for badge holders, lanyards, ID clips,
retractable badge reels

Click Here For slot punches

Clear Vinyl Badge
ProxCard Badge
Rigid Badge

Retractable Badge Reels
Custom Badge Reels
Heart Shaped Badge Reels
Plastic Badge
Vinyl Strap

Break Away Lanyards

Custom Lanyards
Break Away Lanyards
Woven Nylon
Break Away Lanyards

Slot Punches

Our Slot Punches provide clean cut slot holes for a wide variety of badge attachments, including strap clips, badge reels, and lanyards. Depending on the volume of cards you need to slot, we feature electronic, hand-held/stapler-style, and table-top models.
Stapler Style Slot Punch
with Guide
Hand Held Slot Punch
with Adjustable Guide

Table Top Slot Punches

The Table Top Slot Punches with adjustable centering guides is for heavy-duty use in a professional environment. Table Top Slot Punches come in electric and manual.

  • Hardened steel die set
  • Punches up to 60 Mil thick
  • Adjustable guides for vertical or horizontal centering
Electric Table Top Slot Punch
Manual Desktop Slot Punch (black)
Manual Desktop Slot Punch (white)


Badge Holders

1815-1000, Clear, Vinyl

1840-5060, Clear, Prox

1815-1110, Clear, Zip Close

1840-8162, Rigid, Open Face

1840-3088, Rigid, Multi-Card

1840-3018, Rigid, Convertible

1840-5056, Rigid, Secure


Flat 3/8” Non-Break Away

2135-3501, Black, Swivel Hook

2135-3553, Navy, Bulldog Clip

Flat 3/8” Break-Away

2137-4035, Black, Plastic Hook

2137-5001, Black, Swivel Hook

2137-6003, Navy, Bulldog Clip

Flat 5/8” Break-Away

2138-4035, Black, Plastic Hook

2138-4080, Navy, Plastic Hook

OptiWeave 5/8” DTACH Break-Away

2135-4653, Black, Plastic Hook

2135-4663, Navy, Bulldog Clip

Pre-Printed 5/8” Nylon

2136-3581, Stars and Stripes

2138-5220, Visitor

2138-5215, Contractor


Clear and Colored Vinyl

2105-2000, 2-3/4” Clear, Bulldog Clip

2105-2006, 2-3/4” Red, Bulldog Clip

2105-5008, 2-3/8” White, Suspender Clip

Mylar and Plastic

2110-1050, 2-3/4” Opaque White,U-Clip

2110-1210, 2-3/4” Clear, Bulldog Clip

2115-0506, 2-1/4” Red, Thumb Grip Clip

2115-0602, 2-1/4” Blue, Suspender Clip

2115-2005, 3-1/8” Orange, Thumb Grip Clip

Badge Reels

2120-3031, Solid Black

2120-3102, Solid Blue w/Sticker

2120-7021, Carabiner Black

2120-7025, No-Twist Carabiner

2120-7630, Heart-Shaped w/Dome

2120-3300, Heavy Duty

2120-3400, Chrome