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ID Badge Software

Do you need a simple software package that is user friendly or a more complex package that has network capabilities? Then call Carreras Technologies to order one of the two most widely used software packages - Asure ID Software from HID or ID Works from DataCard.

C-Tech will help you select the right ID software package to meet your specific needs - selecting from a stand alone package with limited features to a multi-workstation package with unlimited features.


Asure ID Software:

In addition to simplified card design and database connectivity, Asure ID 7 also provides a fast and efficient way to enroll thousands of cardholder records into the database. The configurable Data Entry Center lets you control how data is sequenced and entered, which greatly improves the speed and throughput of enrolling cardholders. It does simple, it does complex. Asure ID 7 comes in four editions with increasing levels of sophistication.

Asure ID Solo™

Asure ID Solo™ 7 provides an enhanced user experience for photo ID card design and data entry. Card data fields can be populated from the internal Microsoft Access™ database.

Asure ID Express™

Asure ID Express™ 7 adds features such as compound data fields, batch printing and conditional design and print rules. It can connect to an external Microsoft database.

Asure ID Enterprise™

Asure ID Enterprise™ 7 offers expanded database connectivity and networking for enterprise class card issuance. It works with Microsoft Access and SQL databases and supports ODBC import and export. The Enterprise edition can work with multiple tables within a single database.

Asure ID Exchange™

Asure ID Exchange™ 7 is designed for the most sophisticated secure credential applications. It adds Oracle, MySQL, LDAP and DVTel® database support and works with multiple tables within multiple databases. And its iDIRECTOR™ encoding and management module improves smart card deployment and development. iDIRECTOR manages how smart card applications are loaded onto cards — including card memory management — in one encoding pass.

DataCard ID Software:

DataCard ID Works®

Designed for users issuing contact or contact less smart cards, ID Works® identification software is the industry's first multi-lingual modular product — enabling you to add security functions as your needs arise.

  • Administrator module offers multiple user security levels
  • Supports industry standard ODBC database
  • Smart card support

Produce high-quality cards simply and securely with ID Works® identification software. You'll enjoy the features, functionality and scalability needed to seamlessly create card and report designs, production forms and databases. This flexible, powerful platform comes in four unique editions:

  • ID Works Intro for entry-level ID cards
  • ID Works Basic for essential card design and printing
  • ID Works Standard for advanced card design and database management
  • ID Works Enterprise for sophisticated security and smart card applications


Fargo Asure ID 7 Card Software

86411, Solo

86412, Express

86413, Enterprise

86414, Exchange

86415, Upgrade from Solo 7 to Express 7

86425, Upgrade from Express 5.x to Express 7


DataCard ID Works Software

571897-001, Intro V6.5

571897-002, Basic V6.5

571897-003, Standard V6.5

571897-006, Upgrade to Enterprise V6.5